Black Moon Manor Greenfield
Indiana June 4th 2011
On June 4th 2011 the Central Ohio paranormal research group traveled to
Greenfield Indiana to investigate the Black Moon Manor. Built in 1859 by John
C. Eastes it was the first house built in Hancock county Indiana, and was part
of a 200 acre parcel purchased by Obadiah Eastes. In 1892 the home was
turned into a small pox hospital by a doctor Harvey, and during a small pox
outbreak some two hundred people died there and were buried in back of the
house complete with grave markers. Since then other residents have removed
the markers off the graves but left the bodies where they were buried.
At the onset of our investigation severe thunderstorms rolled
through the Greenfield Indiana area but we continued our
investigation while other members monitored the weather from
cars outside the Manor. In this quick video you can hear the
noah weather radio and see the Manor when the lighten strikes
above it giving it that spooky look. The light in front of the
house is one of our investigators on the porch
As the old story goes, "it was a dark and
stormy night". It was indeed a dark and
stormy night, and with the rain lightly
coming down but the lightening still
flashing Nancy and Rick set out for the
cemetery which is located behind the main
building when they caught a man telling
Rick "you aren't no funny".
With the rain starting to come down harder
Nancy and Rick head back to the shelter of
their car when a man says "Rick".
This is not an evp, however it has all the elements of
your typical  Hollywood haunted house. Lead
investigator Atonya and her husband and investigator
Craig are in the front area of the Manor when they
hear thumps from the upstairs area where no one was.
You can hear the thumps along with the creaky front
door and the crash of lightening and thunder
One of the rooms on the main floor is painted black and
has numbers written all over the walls, hence the name
the numbers room. Through out the night the teams
took turns in the Manor to lesson the human noise
contamination,  and here Nancy and Rick are doing evp
work when they hear footsteps on the upper floor. Near
the end you hear a mans voice say "I hear it to ".
In the upper floors of the Manor there is a room
in the Back that we were told that they locked
up people with the small pox disease and at
times held up to sixty people. The room is not a
large room and is very hard to comprehend
sixty people jammed into it. In this evp our
static recorder picked up a little girl saying, "
"We're in heaven".
In paranormal research you try to explain things in a logical way or to debunk something
that has happened. Here Nancy and Rick are in the room above the numbers room. There
was a door on the floor with a chair anchored to the door with a chain attached to the
door and a lock on the end of the chain which was setting freely on the chair. The chair
was positioned to face the corner of the room, but Nancy was setting backwards in the
chair. With the flashlights out and the room pitch black the lock moved. A discussion
ensues as to what might have caused the lock to move, and at the end you hear a male
voice say "it was I".
Here investigators Tom and Amy are
talking about the many people that come
and go investigating the Manor when they
caught a male responding to Amy saying
Here while in the numbers room Rick
drops his flashlight and complains the
he can't hold onto anything when he
catches a male saying "Haunting".
In the well room, a room with a
well in it ,people have heard
growls there. As Rick ask to
hear the growl a female tells
him to "Go home".
The numbers room is known to be very
active, here our static recorder caught a
male calling for Martha,  and a female says
"I'm a fit as Rachael" the wheel chair in the
room belonged to Rachael, a member of
the Eastes family
Again from the numbers room Nancy
asks would you like to talk to us?,  a
male voice answers "Yes  then another
Also from the numbers room, Rick was
having a problem with his equipment when
Nancy asked are you messing with our
equipment?. And a male answers "I will".
From the room above the numbers room Rick
asks could you come closer please?, a male
answers "wait".   ( Amplified to hear it better )
From another upstairs room, Nancy
asks are you in here with us?. A
male voice answers "we're in this
On the first floor off to the left of
the entrance is a room with an
old pipe furnace, and
investigators Tom Amy and
Atonya were talking when a
male voice says "You dope".