#1 We do not charge for our services, nor do we accept any donations.
#2 We are here for you 24/7. We do not abandon our clients.
#3 We never put ANY PRIVATE
OR BUSINESS investigation on our web
site other than any evidence like evp's or pictures that do not give away
the clients name or location. Residential investigations are PRIVATE!.All
you will ever see on our site are training investigations. These are the
only case files that will be Public .We travel all over the Midwest and
eastern half of the United states to places that are KNOWN TO BE
HAUNTED so that we can always test our skills,and better educate our
group members on paranormal phenomena.

You are never alone!.

#5 After all investigations we will give you all evidence that we come up
with and advise you on any steps that you in our opinion should take.
Remember we are here to HELP YOU!.

You can contact us through our email address at coprg@yahoo.com   Or
call  614-679-9657 and ask for Rick.