April 18th 2009
The Octagon House, located in Simpson County Kentucky just
north of Franklin, was built in 1843 by Andrew Jackson Caldwell.
During the Civil War, Andrew Caldwell offered shelter to many
Confederate soldiers being a Elizabeth, died from burns suffered
from catching her dress on fire in the winter kitchen at the age of
5 or 6. A confederate soldier who was wounded in the lower leg
and was being hidden in the attic from visiting federal troops
bleed to death when he removed his boot to help ease his pain,
he also haunts the attic and house. The COPRG investigated the
Octagon hall for ten hours, and bellow are some of the evidence
we captured there.
While walking from the slaves loom
building to the house we captured the
voice of a little girl. You here "Hi",then
she says"I'm gonna get ya"
Could this have been Mary Elizabeth?.
This was captured while walking to
the grave site from the house. Here
you hear a female voice saying
"heres how I'm gonna get people".
While at back of the Octagon
house, we caught a female saying,
"need some rest".
Here Rick and Nancy were begining
an investigation of one of the
bedrooms when they caught this
creepy breath.
While at the slave cemetery, Nancy
and Rick caught the voice of a little
girl saying "sleepy".
Talking about a display of a civil
battle comments "that's funny".
A confederate soldier died in the attic
while being hidden away by
the Caldwell's from Union soldiers.
It is said he doesn't like anyone
coming up there, so investigators
Jesse and Bruce climbed up to find
out. Here as they're getting into the
attic they captured a male voice
saying "not good now".
To get Mary Elizabeth to respond.
Here Rick asks what;s your favorite
game to play?,and you hear a little
female voice say "A haunting",
The Octagon Hall FranklinKentucky